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Register for the oral FIDE French test

Register for the oral FIDE language test in less than 5 minutes on our online platform.
For any question or if you need help, please call 021 323 94 15.

    Please have the following documens with you to register:

  • Your residence permit
  • Your AVS card
  • Your calendar

Le paiement (250.-) se fait exclusivement sur facture, une carte de crédit n’est donc pas nécessaire.

Cancellation regulations:

  • Until the closing date of registrations (included): No charge
  • From the day following the closing date for registration until the day of the exam: the full amount is due (depending on the test, 250.-, 170.- or 120.-)
  • In case of absence or inability to attend the examination, even in the event of illness or force majeure, the total amount is due.

I want to register for: 25 November 2019

I want to register for: 06 December 2019